Education programs

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Key information

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Target group

School children and adolescents


Customized. Includes programme, accommodation and meals

Education programs offer the opportunity

  • to learn through curiosity and phenomenons
  • to experience the midnight sun (summer) and to chase the northern lights (winter) in pure untouched nature
  • to prepare food over a campfire
  • to establish new friendships and relationships that never would have been acquired without traveling
  • to learn about themselves, discover their skills, dreams, talents, and hopes through a fresh lens
  • to understand and feel the Arctic nature and phenomena and the impact of human choices on the environment now and in the future
  • to strengthen the relationship with nature and an environmentally friendly way of thinking
  • to gain knowledge and skills about exercise, the English language, geography, biology, handicrafts, and Finnish culture

The program provides a deep experience of basic education in Finland, which is known for its high quality and excellent learning results.

In an outdoor setting, nature becomes the classroom, further promoting exploration and discovery and sparking curiosity about the world.

The activities included in this program were designed to maximize hands-on learning and connection to nature.


Our Programs are designed to create the perfect balance between fun-filled adventurous summer and/or winter activities in the Arctic; whilst at the same time integrating learning outcomes embedded within the activities.

In doing so, we strive to change people to be more balanced in their rational thought, emotional feelings, physical motor function development, psychological advancement and perceive the world differently.

In true Arctic spirit, we instill curiosity and inquiry within the participants to train them to question their world view after this experience.

Learning outcomes

  1. To be able to difference phenomenon-curiosity-inquiry and subject-based learning
  2. To immerse practically into LESS IS MORE learning ecosystem
  3. To gain an understanding of the no child left behind education policy/equality
  4. To be able to dissect the attributes need for SISU (GRIT) attitude
  5. To be able to link education and Social Welfare Civic Innovation Model
  6. To learn the importance of the Sustainability & Holistic Balanced Growth Model


Example of a summer education program

Example of a winter education program